Where Are Turbo Tax Files Stored?

Note: Tax returns compiled in TurboTax CD / Download program versions can not be recovered due to the fact that your information is stored on your device hard disk on your PC/Mac. Make sure you constantly backup and even print out your income-tax return as a PDF and/or as physical copies. Make duplicates regardless of whether you are using Turbotax Windows/Mac physical disk or cloud variations. The filename extension .Tax2018 is for fiscal return data documents that were due by April 15, 2019. 

The Mac TurboTax file location will vary depending on your edition, and whether you have chosen a specific location during the setup process. Mac As an explanation for the 2018 income tax return year, the extension to a register for the income tax return form used by TurboTax will be .tax2018 With whatever return year you were looking for, you would certainly change 2018 The file should be extended with .tax2016 (note that the quote marks are not in extension) if the 2016 tax return is to be retrieved (this is acceptable by 15 April 2017).

You can use the spotlight to disclose all the data you want to access with the file expansion on your Mac computer system, as explained above. Choose the Spotlight icon in the top right corner of your computer and then type.tax in the search field. When you click, you appear on the search results page.

The files will be displayed under Documents. The default term for tax documents is the name of the main taxpayer and the 2 digit tax year.

Spotlight spot. Spotlight locate.

Select Show All in Finder at the top in the checklist for Spotlight if you don’t see your return.

In the new home page, the turn at the top occurs in a stack of four horizontal lines and is expected to be shown. Check TurboTax in the Kind column.

You can also use the Finder located in the menu bar at the bottom of the display).

  • Choose Finder. 
  • To the left, choose All my Files.
  • Type in .tax (without quotes).

Crucial: You’re going to need the same version of TurboTax as the year tax obligation file to open your tax obligations file in TurboTax. In TurboTax 2018, for instance, you will need to open your 2018 tax return.

Software I have lost. What am I doing now?

Suggestion #1.

By calling the IRS for a certain copy or a free record you can view previous-year returns. At the time of this writing, the IRS charges $57 per copy of their tax return. 

Usually, TurboTax only allows access for only two fiscal years to retrieve the Free Version taxes. You will need to request a duplicate from IRS after that time. Although the $57 IRS payment is available for your actual return, the completely free transcripts usually have the most important information regarding their filed returns that many taxpayers need.

Suggestion #2.

It helps to save a PDF/paper copy of your tax return. If your tax file is broken or if you have no access to the proper TurboTax program, saving as a PDF, can save on major headaches in trying to recover lost returns later. It’s a great idea to save the report.

  • Open your TurboTax return.
  • Select Print Center from the TurboTax File menu at the top menu area.
  • Choose the File dropdown in the top right side of the page, and choose Save to PDF.
  • If desired, then also select Save, enter a different file name and/or location. If you change your original return, repeat these steps to makeyour .tax file as well as your .PDF copy synched and provide the exact same information. The 2017 tax returns file data files have the extension name.tax2017.

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